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Royal Jordanian
  • Royal Jordanian
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Learn about Lounge OPass
Most convenient and economical option for Lounge access!
Get a Lounge OPass and enjoy Lounge access at the airport for all your future trips. Lounge OPass is the most convenient and economical way to enjoy the luxury of airport Lounges.OPass is the most convenient and economical way to enjoy the luxury of airport Lounges.You can buy a personalized Lounge OPass that suits your taste and preferences. You may choose the number of lounge access, travel zone and the number of eligible users. Once you have a Lounge OPass, you can book lounge access for all your future trips. Lock-in your lounge access price and save time in booking lounge access each time. Pool and share your Lounge OPass with your family, friends or colleagues to maximize flexibility and savings for everyone. Enjoy all of the lounge comforts and luxury like exclusive meals and drinks, meeting rooms and a cozy environment.Enjoy airport lounge access for up to 75% less!
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How can I buy a Lounge OPass?
Visit and select the 'Lounge OPass' tab.
Enter inputs for your desired Lounge OPass features (travel zone, number of lounge access, travel period and number of passengers) and click search.
Select your desired Lounge OPass from the search results.
Review and make payment to complete the purchase transaction.
Now, you are ready to add Lounge access in your flight trips by redeeming your Lounge OPass.
How to get lounge access with Lounge OPass?
Visit and select the Lounge OPass tab in the main menu.
Click on Redeem Pass and log in to your account.
Select the Lounge OPass you wish to redeem and enter the details of your booking on which you want to get Lounge access.
Select the desired option for lounge.
Review and confirm your selection.
Your Lounge Access will be added to your booking and your will receive an email confirmation right away.
Lounge Pass Benefits
  • Premium comfort
  • Finest services
  • Low Price
  • Save on travel expenses
  • Traveling together
  • Boost productivity
  • Automatic updation in booking
  • Automatic refund
  • Easy to change